We Offer The Below Product Solutions

Fire Alarm System

  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems, Addressable / Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems, Water Flow Detection System, Beam Detectors, Stand Alone Detectors, Aerosol Testers.

Digital Linear Heat Sensing Cable (LHS Cable)

Aspiration Smoke Detection System

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) Systems and FAAST Systems.

UV/IR Flame Detection Systems

Public Address Systems (P A Systems)

Intrusion Burglar Alarm Systems

  • Wired and Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems with GSM Auto Dialler

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Novec 1230 Sapphire System, FM 200, Inergen Systems, CO2 System, Argon System

FOAM Systems

  • Foam Concentrate and Foam Products, Fog Jet Monitors and In Line Balance Proportioners.

Fire Extinguishers

  • Clean Agent Hand Portable Extinguishers, CO2 Fire Extinguishers, ABC Type Fire Extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder (DCP) Type Fire Extinguishers, Sand Buckets and Safety Products.

CCTV Systems

  • IP CCTV systems, Analog CCTV systems and HD and AHD CCTV systems.

Access Control Systems

  • Standalone and Networktable Smart Card Systems, Biometric Systems and Facisl Recongnition systems

Intelligent Building Automation Systems

Roddent Repellent

Water Leak Detection

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Fire Alarm Systems - Conventional, Addressable, Linear Heat Detection Systems, High Sensitivity Smoke Detection,


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